Free to Air Satellite




Why is it Free?

Over the past number of years an increasing number TV stations have decided to broadcast their channels for free (unencrypted) on satellite. They do this mainly to maximise audience share which allows them to boost advertising revenue.

To receive Satellite Channels

To receive the channels it is necessary to install a standard size satellite dish and a satellite Receiver. No viewing card is needed as there is no monthly subscription.

To receive Analogue (RTÉ1, RTÉ2, TV3, TG4) Channels?

To receive these channels it is necessary to install a UHF/VHF rooftop aerial. This is closing down in October 2012 when all transmissions will be digital. In Itreland that will be provided by RTE's Saorview Service.

Satellite and analogue channels can be combined on the television.

What channels are Available?

Currently about 100 TV stations and over 100 radio stations are being broadcast.


There are several types of boxes available that perform several different functions, including HD, digital-terrestrial, PVR (Sky+ type boxes for FTA i.e. boxes with a hard drive and recording function).